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"Our thoughts have a mind of their own."

"It's not about what you think or feel. It's about WHAT you think about how you feel."

"Within each breath lies the possibility of healing... so take a deep one!"

- Wray

Our Vision

Kardia Counseling & Consulting began as a dream over​ 18 years ago, with the idea that the healing process is as much about what you feel and think as it is HOW you think about your feelings; the notion that healing, at its core is the repairing of our soul; to be done respectfully, compassionately and with conscious intention. The realignment of our innermost “being-ness” with that of our true nature could indeed recenter and heal us; that our deepest desires for internal peace, blissful coexistence with loved ones and even the contemplation of true happiness is within our reach.

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